Safeguard car with confidence and stay one step ahead of potential threats with IntelliSentry's intelligent surveillance technology. Harnessing the power of AI and real-time monitoring, it provides proactive threat detection.


Designed to alert a car owner of theft and object collision detection when they are away from their car.


Get instant alerts for collision or unauthorized person near your car.


Securing your car's premises by enabling a live video feed and real-time notifications


Control your car seat's cooling and motion features remotely.

Temperature Controls

Control the temperature of your seats directly with the click of a button.

Seat Controls

Easily adjust your seat without having to search for the seat adjustment lever.

Technologies and Algorithms

  • Computer Vision:  Computer vision algorithms recognize the behavior of people around your car, such as people following or attempting to damage your car.
  • Communication:  Utilize communication protocols, such as HTTP API, for communication between the iOS/Android IntelliSentry App and the car.

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