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Thal Engineering, a House of Habib Group Company (House of Habib owns Toyota Indus), manufactures electrical wire harnesses and fuseboxes for Toyota in Pakistan. A fuse box is an electrical panel containing fuses and circuit breakers. Fuses are essentially the guardians of your vehicle's electrical components.


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Defective fuseboxes are quality concern for Toyota

Thal Engineering assembles 29,622 Toyota Yaris Fuseboxes for Toyota Indus every year. A small human mistake such as wrong fuse insertion or missing fuse was responsible for the whole line at Toyota to be stopped. Toyota manufactures 1 car every 4 mins in Pakistan and line stoppage due to defective parts caused financial losses. Also the defectve fusebox was a safety hazard for cars.

VISIONRD proposed their InspectionAI product to them as a possible solution for their problems to ensure defect-free fuseboxes.


We proposed our InspectionAI product to Thal Engineering.

Our InspectionAI product consists of Hardware, Industrial Cameras and Software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.


1. Efficiency: Inspection time 40x faster than normal human.
2. Chance of Error: Zero chance of error of our system.
3. Fatigue: Eliminate worker fatigue and automate inspection.